- Stay in the heart

- All is Well

- Be at Peace

- Confidence

- Release judgments

- Heal whatever is arising

- All is well and all manner of things will be well.

"As a Dove of Peace, I am finding my feet to land in a human world that is coming to peace with itself."

Do you know someone who is just like a Dove, who brings a message of peace? The Dove has gentle songs of healing, multidimensional tones of light. It comes when you are kind, but it cannot stand human aggression or harshness.

Would you like to bring peace to the world? Look at the Dove, with its gentle songs. It is not affected by human thoughts and emotions because it can ascend to a higher altitude. From there, it playfully looks down onto the human world, spotting another place where it would...

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Dove of Peace

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