- Divine Creation Codes

- Starborne Architects

- Devas

- Sacred Geometry

- Earth guardians

- Sparkling Starlight

- Infusing Molecules of Light

The Elven Ones share with me:

“We are architects for the Divine, by bringing sacred geometry into the Natural Kingdoms: the minerals, the plants and the animals. You too can receive these geometrical light codes into your Heart.”

Dear one, would you like to have a break from the density of humanity? Allow your light-body to arise amidst the Elves. The Elven Ones are holding hands in a circle around you, for a magical process is taking place. You are transcending human judgment and belief to become one with the Elves.

You naturally start to feel lighter as one of the Elves. Do you miss genuine love and compassion in some human interactions? The Elves now show you a new way of living and communing, a way of love and peace....

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Elven Ones

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