- Go Within

- Listen

- Loving Parenting

- Attune

- Scan your Energy Bodies

- Love and Listen to You

- Be a Loving Parent to Yourself.

"I remember the last time I felt like a child, embracing the pure joy of creation and uninhibited

self- expression. I realize that this time is now, as I embrace all of myself multidimensionally."

When did you last run or laugh for no reason? When did you last cry to release your emotions? When did you last forgive yourself for acting childishly in relationships? The little one that is playful, foolishly wise and deeply emotional is connecting with you. This little one is the gestalt, the archetype of the Inner Child. To accept this connection, create a loving heart space for your Inner Child by going within.

To receive this Inner Child Attunement, hear the calling of Lemuria. Allow the experience...

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Inner Child Attunement

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