- Shadow Dissolving in Gaze of Truth

- Going Beyond Fear

- Initiation

- Animal and plant Guides

- Pink Dolphins

- Mirroring the Source Self

“I welcome the opportunity to look into the Well of my unconscious.”

“Let all be resolved now in Divine Harmony and Oneness.”

Are you processing Intense Emotions? You have drawn this card because of what you are facing. Visit me deep inside the Lemurian forest to find peace within fear, and compassion within hate. Receive the healing message of the Divine through me, the Lemurian Shaman.

As you embark on your journey, head for those parts of the forest that look the darkest. There isn’t a realistic danger, because the dark is a projection of your fears. You are invited to willfully go in this direction, even if you shudder...

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Lemurian Shaman

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