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Arise category


1. Arise
- Know and Flow as the Love you are - Bliss - Knowing yourself as Love - Flow - Surrender - Embracing and expressing your Truth - Ecstasy - Bliss

Source category


1. Cosmic Heart Source
- Source of All - True Home - Just Be - Heart Connection - The Divine at the Heart of All - Oneness - Creator

2. Breathe the Sun
- Presence - Pineal Activation - Relax - Let go - Photon-breathing - Invitation into Presence - Molecules of Light

3. Divine Feminine
- Receive your Birthright - Unconditional Love - Womb - Let yourself be nurtured

4. Divine Masculine
- Rise of True, Gentle Power - True Strength - Spirit - Passion and inspiration - Source self - Action - Structure - Practicality

5. Divine Blueprint
- Source Self Embodiment - Inspiration - You are Ready - Source-self inspired - Creators Plan - Beyond Akashic Records

6. Creation
- Unique Expression - Flow of Creation - Joyfulness - Express with Joy - Be You - Open to the New - You have a Unique Part to Play

7. Abundance
- Fullness of Source - Enough for All - Open - River of Abundance - Non-competition - Co-operate - Natural state of Universe - Manifestation - Acceptance - Open to Receive

8. Joy of Life
- Trust - open your Hands - Share - Let go - you are the Chalice

9. Flow
- Release Control - Divine Will - Oceanic Consciousness - Non-attachment - Go beyond Identity

10. Tree of Life
- Circle of Life - Clear Energies - Channel for Divine Energy - Torus - Layers of Energy Field - Cycle of life - Keep your energy field clear

11. Nurture
- Self-Healing - Ruby Ray - Birthing the New Earth - Earth Star - Divine Co-creation - Grounding Divine Energies - Loving womb of Mother Gaia - Birthing the New Earth

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