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- Based on the Lemurian Starchild Oracle, Lemurian Egg Publishing 2019

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Is this membership for you?

This card drawing website is for Divine Creators, and dwellers in Divine Peace and Bliss. These are your True Nature and Natural State, who you are on the New Earth.

Using the cards can help to re-member the path back to your Heart, especially if you feel affected or overwhelmed by old paradigm energies.

  • Do you struggle with cycles of suffering or drama?

  • Are you open to letting go of old beliefs and soul contracts?

  • Would you like to live in joy, peace, abundance and happiness?

Then these cards have come to you to assist you in strengthening your connection with Divine Guidance

Meet the Creators

We are Michiel Kroon and Leanne Carpenter, and we have created this deck during a healing journey of 3 years. During this path of Creation, each card was like a medicine for an issue that we were processing on our own healing journey. And this also builds on two lifetimes of spiritual and healing journeys, plus Leanne's insights as a clinical psychologist and Michiel's wisdom from his study in Applies Physics.

"Leanne and Michiel jointly brought through the energies and insights of the Lemurian Starchild Oracle, expressing them in words, art and light-language. This Divine cocreation was made possible through their own dedicated spiritual healing and devotional paths. Both had spiritual awakenings in their late teens and began meditating, healing and clearing their energy fields as a result. Their paths led both to develop a depth of insight and awareness that occasioned a series of 'synchronistic' meetings resulting in a powerful connection, that coincided with the amazing possibility of travelling together to sacred sites around Europe in a camper van. It was here that the joint messages and art began to emerge."

Divine Effects of working with the cards

The Lemurian Starchild Oracle helps you connect with your guides from any and all light-realms. It was created with assistance from Leanne's Lemurian guides, Michiel's Pleiadian guides, Archangel Michael and many others.

Drawing a card also helps to heal and connect with your Inner Child. The Blue Ray, Baby Dolphin, Indigo, Earth Angel, Rainbow Child and Star Children each represent unique challenges and Divine opportunities that you can connect with on your healing journey.

The cards are designed to lift you up into a beautiful presence from which you naturally start to manifest your dreams for Heaven on the New Earth. You are channeling Divine Energy and you are in Divine Flow.

Access to our New Paradigm App

With our memberships you get access to our high-vibrational app. You can use the app in a browser, or you can install it on your phone, tablet or computer.

With our Dolphin or Mermaid Membership you get access to stacks of 88 cards and full card descriptions. You also get access to shuffling. With a slider you can select between 1 and 1234 shuffles.

You can choose between a vertical stack (scroll between the cards) or a horizontal stack (swipe between the cards)