- Fullness of Source

- Enough for All

- Open

- River of Abundance

- Non-competition

- Co-operate

- Natural state of Universe

- Manifestation

- Acceptance

- Open to Receive

"I allow the Abundance and flow of everything I need to come to me now.

I see the Divine Light in All."

The river of abundance tells us about the truth of our natural birthright, and dissolves beliefs of scarcity. Rather than earning our worth through suffering, we can multiply our abundance by sharing it with Lemurian love.

Let Lemurian guides take you on a journey now to open your Heart to many joys and blessings and to let go of residual old paradigm thinking. Can you see the illusions of the mind with clarity? Be aware that, even in Heaven on Earth, the mind cannot receive these blessings at first....

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