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Lemurian Starchild Oracle Cards

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Lemurian Starchild Reading
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Lemurian Starchild Layout

Lemurian Starchild Reading

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About the Lemurian Starchild Layout

The Lemurian Starchild Layout tells us of different stages and stepping stones in life. Each child energy represents a certain phase and a certain aspect of yourself.

1.      Blue Ray
Your Life Purpose.
Your Path of Light, which realigns you with the Divine Blueprint.

2.      Baby Dolphin
your Inner Child’s dreams.
Desires and emotions of the young child, natural talents.

3.      Indigo Child
Your direction and power of manifestation.
The will of the visionary teenager.

4.      Earth Angel
Your sensitivity, your gift.
Wounds from sharing your Truth, path from vulnerability to strength.

5.      Rainbow Child
Your Divine Abilities.
Your inspiration and how you will ground your light for the New Earth. The practical expression of your light.

6.      Crystal Child
The crystalline vibration that you bring to the New Earth.
Your unique energy signature

7.      Star Children
The Galactic Support that you receive.
Your Multidimensional Guidance.

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