- Divine Healing is upon you

- Divine Grace and Divine Guidance

- Light from the Throne of God

- New Earth

- Inspiration

- Singing

- Mystical unfoldment

- Outpouring love.

"The Angels guide me throughout my life so that I can find my path of light and follow my peaceful and joyous Heart."

The Angels want to be with you to give you comfort and direction. You are being asked to surrender your emotions, to hand them over to the angelic realms. There is much grace at work in your life, grace that is not always visible with your third-dimensional eyes. Your life is being directed in divine ways that are mysterious to you, but it has always been this way, from the time you took your first breath. The Angels are omnipresent, and they follow you everywhere you go.

Even in the darkest corner...

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Angelic Ones

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