- Honor all Life

- Exchange of Joy without Karma or Sacrifice

- Paradigm shift

- Bless Food

- Nurture

- Respect for land, animals and plants

"The Universe invites me to give a blessing to everyone I see today, vocally or perhaps in silence. I am bringing light, clarity and abundance in their field, even without a word, and thus I am co-creating the New Earth."

You have drawn this card because you are a blessing to the world. Allow the blessings from your Family of Light to flow through you, to change the vibration of your surroundings. Without any judgment or effort, you naturally bring light to the dark, peace into the battles, and you co-create the New Earth.

Do you feel drained from giving, do you feel your gifts are not reciprocated? Honor all life, but let go of the old paradigm so that you don’t have to give it your energy. You are ready for an effortless...

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Blessing Beyond the Soul Path

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