- Presence

- Pineal Activation

- Relax

- Let go

- Photon-breathing

- Invitation into Presence

- Molecules of Light

"I see how Sunlight reflects on a Golden Turtle; its hard shell seems impervious to the blessings it is receiving. However, its shell is really like a Pinecone, which opens in the bright sunlight, symbolizing the activation of the pineal gland."

The Sun shines equally on all children, whether they simply enjoy, or they are aware of the cosmic light frequencies they are receiving. Sharing intimate warmth with those who welcome the light, and equal etheric light with those who prefer the shadow, the Sun nurtures, expands and expresses joy in all ways.

There is no need to hurry your spiritual activation and evolution, because you receive more when you relax. In the art, sister Turtle is simply resting and enjoying, while the sunlight activates...

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Breathe the Sun

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