- Your Natural Core - Pure

- Innocent

- Removing Falsehood

- Seer

- Clear Channel

- Wonder of Life and You

- Gift for the New Earth

- Know and Enjoy your own Energies

- Clear out other Energies.

Related Category: Wisdom 

“I Dance in the Beauty of my Crystalline Energies and Clear them of all illusion.”

Being a parent for a Crystal Child

Dear one, the Crystal Children of Lemuria are calling you. Can you feel their frequency, their light, their presence, their potential? You have drawn this card because you are ready to connect to this higher vibration, to support these crystal beings.

Imagine that you are on a beach in Lemuria and you are charging sea quartz crystals. Each of these crystals is a blessing for a New Earth child, a bearer of the crystalline frequency.

Did you ever feel awkward when you...

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Crystal Child

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