- You are Loved and Safe

- Rest Now

- Sleep Well

- Be Nurtured

"The universal principle of motherhood nurtures to heal wounds of attachment, limitation and lack of love.

She is the Divine Mother who is with me in moments of loss and despair, when I need to remember my Heart, who I am beyond mind limitations."

The oceans are her womb, and Lemuria is her cradle. She nurtures us in her Womb and her cradle, inviting us back to oceanic consciousness. The Divine Mother loves all, holds all, and nurtures all.

Invite her by surrendering your fears, your emotions, and your mind-based self. In Lemurian Eden she was ever-present, and there was no fear. Invite her to experience this deep truth that was known in Lemuria.

The Lemurian Dolphins knew they were swimming in the womb, and they revered the Divine Mother....

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Divine Cosmic Mother Womb

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