- Lemurian Origin

- Flow

- Timeless

- Adaptable

- Free

- Take your Time

- Aqua

- Relaxed

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“Travel with us to the oceans of Lemuria to meet the baby Dolphins,” my guides tell me, “In these oceans you are simply yourself, guided by light and bliss, and by many sparkles and orbs around.”

Being the parent of a Baby Dolphin

Do you feel opposed or stressed when a child doesn’t want to leave their inner world, and isn’t concerned with the timing of others? Congratulations with this Dolphin baby! These aquatic children are beyond space and time, because they have the ability to go to blissful dimensions like Lemuria.

The Dolphin baby can’t be forced to understand time. Accept their timelessness and know that their practical abilities will develop in divine timing. They might literally...

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Dolphin Baby

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