- Spiritual Mentoring

- Equality

- Stability

- Wisdom

- Experience

- Councils

- Experience

- Ancestors

- Guides

- Multidimensional existance

- Star friends

- Teachers.

"I accept and embrace the Wisdom of the Elders, as I am lifted up onto the Shoulders of Giants."

Dear one, can you hear the call from your Elders? Whoever your mentors are, physical or etheric, allow their calls to be heard. Whether they are Devas or Dolphins, Human or Pleiadian, Angels or Ascended ones, allow their energies in your Heart.

You have drawn this card because mentoring is on your path, either as a guide or to be guided. Do you feel equal in your mentoring relationships? The old paradigm of inequality is over now, and the Elders would like to show you the joy of walking side by side...

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