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- Attune to Subtle Energies

- Balance

- Frequency Holders.

- Signature Energies e.g. Crystals, Plants, Animals.

- Unique Gifts.

- Bringing Healing through Balancing Energies.

Let go of eye candy and embrace heart food on

This is your True Nature and Natural State, who you are on the New 🌎

Using the cards can help to remember the path back to the Heart, especially if you feel affected or overwhelmed by old paradigm energies.

  • Do you struggle with distractions?

  • Are you open to letting go of old beliefs and soul contracts?

  • Would you like to live in joy, peace, abundance and happiness?

Then cards such as 'Essences and Energies' have come to you to affirm your Divine Guidance, so you can deeply connect with that which nurtures your Heart.

About the Full Card Descriptions

The Card Descriptions help you to

  • Receive Lemurian wisdom so any struggle with distractions can fade away.

  • Learn about the Lemurian healing template, and how it is working with the energy of Essences and Energies.

  • Connect with your Cosmic Origin to find your path back to the Heart.

  • Receive DNA encodements for your connection with that which nurtures your Heart

  • Connect with the loving guidance of your light family: angelic, ascended, elemental and cosmic. Allow them to help you let go of eye candy.

  • Learn about your cosmic family and how they are helping humanity - Pleiadians, Sirians and Arcturians, and more. Allow them to help you embrace heart food.

  • Let go of eye candy and embrace heart food.

Depending on your membership, the following is available to you:

  • Free membership: Card preview with shortened description.

  • Paid membership: Full card details with description, including of the 'Essences and Energies' card.


The card descriptions are equivalent to 300 pages of the physical book! For example, with the 'Essences and Energies' card you get 6 keywords:
- Attune to Subtle Energies
- Balance
- Frequency Holders
- Signature Energies e.g. Crystals, Plants, Animals
- Unique Gifts
- Bringing Healing through Balancing Energies
You also get a beautiful long description with a length equivalent to several pages of the book.

Divine Effects

Would you like to read the rest of the 'Essences and Energies' card? All the cards are designed to lift you up into a beautiful presence from which you naturally start to manifest your dreams for Heaven on the New Earth. You are channeling Divine Energy and you are in Divine Flow.

The art is inspired on Lemurian, Pleiadian and Angelic energies, and also has Light Language. The Light Language brings in cosmic codes for ascension which you can receive in your DNA to increase your vibration. In this way the cards open up a connection through which your Light Family and your Higher Levels can speak to you, so you can really embrace heart food.

Draw a card with our app

In the free pick a card app you can see the stack of cards and swipe or scroll through them, just like you are using a physical deck! And with the paid membership you get stacks of 88 cards and all attunements, including the 'Essences and Energies' attunement. ​But this is just a small part of everything that is included! Please click the button below to read the full card description...

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