- Spiritualize matter

- New Life

- Sparkles

- Bedding in the Light.

- Holistic Integration

- Light in Density

- Travel Dimensions

- Non-judgment

Related Cards: Inner Child Attunement, Vision of Unity, The Key to your Freedom, all seven cards from the Children of Lemuria category.
For the New Life Meditation: Purity, Breathing, Forgiveness, Sovereignty, Abundance, Manifest

“I am Ether in Matter, and I am Matter in Ether. I am one with all”

The dance between Ether and Matters tells us about bringing Heaven on Earth, even in those moments where the birthing process is painful. We are invited to be a conduit for etheric light by receiving light blessings in the physical realm.

The Dolphins helped to weave Lemuria into existence by travelling between different dimensions of Ether and Matter. The ocean carries many secrets of dimensional travel that the Dolphins master. They bring sacred codes from the Cosmic Heart Source and deliver them...

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Ether and Matter

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