- Forgive Self and Others

- Inner Reunion

- Let go of Defences

- Open all the Doors Within

- Welcome the Fragments of You

- Mirrors

“As I Collect the pieces of myself together, each in a space of deep angelic love and forgiveness, I begin to see my true beauty and wholeness shining back at me”

“I realize that I am Whole.I am One”

In Lemurian Eden, you were completely whole, and this is the oneness of the New Earth that you return to. This wholeness deepens each time you embrace a distressed part within and bring it to the crystalline light of Truth and Integration. Aligning with the Divine allows you to easily connect to your gifts and abilities, and to share them freely.

You have drawn this card because there are parts of yourself, conscious or unconscious, that are asking for your attention. Do you feel confused about the...

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