- Trust

- Open your Hands

- Share

- Let go

- You are the Chalice

Related Card: If you have also drawn the Comet of Creation then this card tells you to start your creation with great joy.

“I let go and Surrender, trusting in the Flow of God’s Love which has brought me to this moment.”

We, the Lemurian Collective, would like you to play, both you and your inner child. Do you feel heavy because life is not going your way, because you are in a dense environment, or would you simply like to receive a blessing? Rest in our arms, dear one, the arms of the Divine Mother. Let us embrace all of your feelings, until you can smile again. Receive Divine Love until you can roll around on the floor, laughing with the joy of just being alive, at the Divine joke of it all!

Do you feel stifled?...

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Joy of Life

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