- Sister

- Friend

- Teacher of Infinite

- Universal Love

- Marriage of Elven and Angelic ones

- Divine Union

- Auriel

- Ground crew Angels.

I hear the beautiful word of Auriel:

“Let me remind you of your Truth, your Divine Origin, so that you may live blissfully from this moment on. My words are bubbles of eternal peace that will be around you to guide your process.”

Auriel embraces every aspect of those she heals: the happiness, the sparkles, but also the past life wounds, and the lost inner children. She calls them home to the healing heart and to integration, to joy and creativity.

You have been close to Auriel many times, and through this card she invites you to reconnect now. Can you embrace all of existence, including any need for love and companionship you might have? Can you accept the outstretched hand from your Light Family, a hand filled with love...

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