- Universal Language of Oneness, of Love

- Listen with your Heart

- With your heart speak to all life.

- Listen, to Communicate,

- Heart speak

- Language of all life

- Authenticity and love

- Language of ONENESS.

- Molecules of Light

“I receive the Light Language in this picture with my whole body to activate and initiate my divine gifts of Multidimensional Communication.”

Multidimensional communication in Light Language gives relief to those who have difficulty with linear communication and blesses all of us with beautiful Lemurian light codes. It comes through from the higher self and from many angels and guides who would love you to express it in words, songs, art or dance.

How can we express the beauty of the light-realms, the cosmic energy of the Lemurian Starchild? Light Language is telepathic, beyond 3D space and time, and shows us that we are not limited to...

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Light Language

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