- Self-Healing

- Ruby Ray

- Birthing the New Earth

- Earth Star

- Divine Co-creation

- Grounding Divine Energies

- Loving womb of Mother Gaia

- Birthing the New Earth

"I receive the high-vibrational light of the Ruby Ray, which brings unconditional love and self-acceptance through a gentle embrace."

The deep love of the Ruby Ray descends to heal separation, trauma and negative self-talk. Ascended beings use the Ruby color to convey their deep love for you. It is also a color that you can use to nurture yourself and other beings, including Gaia. Sharing is natural in the healing process where the Ruby Ray is received in your physical and energetic body.

Do you have a deep longing to be nurtured and loved unconditionally, or do you know someone who has this longing? Allow the deep love of the...

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