- Loving Eyes See All

- Equanimity

- See the Truth

- Step Back

Related Card: if you have also drawn the Peace beyond Survival card (the Lion and the Lamb), then this is a sign that you need to let go of the older paradigm. See what is beyond survival, let go of the old and be on the New Earth.

"This card calls me to see the Truth in a Current Situation. In this process, I receive loving support from my guides of light."

Lemurian Starchild, do you have so much going on that it’s difficult to reflect? The Wise Owl comes to you to guide you on your way. This animal guide has much wisdom to share.

Are you on the move a lot, physically or mentally? Sit down for a moment, like an Owl on a branch, unaffected by any experience. The message that the Owl has for you today is to observe without judgment.

Imagine that you can see auras, not just around people, but also around thoughts and emotions. You can see the truth of everything,...

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