- Peacemaker through Inner Peace

- Resolving ancient splits

- The Lion and the Lamb,

“To the analytical mind, the Lion and the Lamb coming together is beyond reason, it is a miracle. However, seeing with the eyes of my True Self, the union of the Lion and the Lamb is only a natural consequence, the next step in evolution of consciousness.”

Your Family of Light invites you to an attunement of unlimited possibility to answer deep questions you might have. “Can the Lion and the Lamb sit down together? Can I be completely at peace with my emotions, without any need for defense or protection, even when I feel deep wounds? Can I feel the power and courageousness of the Heart, unimpaired by any victimhood, and unaffected by any negativity from others?”

“Yes!” say your guides of light, but the linear mind might have some objections. “Am I...

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Peace beyond Survival

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