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- Collapse of Old Timelines into Pure Expression in this Life

- New Insights

- Higher Self Embodiment

- Spirit coming more Fully into Matter

- Soul Awareness Dissolving into Higher-Self’s Awareness and Embodiment.

Related card: Sirian Emissaries

“I am wrapped in Love in Heaven on Earth.”

Dear one, you have drawn this card to reassure you about pushing the veils aside. It is time to end this crazy game that you have been playing, this game of fitting in and surviving. You are taken care of in all ways.

What you see with your eyes is not always a complete truth. It would be a more complete truth if you would see all the angels and archangels that are guiding you. It would be more complete if the love and care of your cosmic family would be visible to you. It will be complete when you...

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Resolution - Card Description

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© is a space is for Divine Creators, and dwellers in Divine Peace and Bliss.

This is your True Nature and Natural State, who you are on the New 🌎

Using the cards can help to remember the path back to your Heart, especially if you feel affected or overwhelmed by old paradigm energies.

  • Do you struggle with cycles of suffering or drama?

  • Are you open to letting go of old beliefs and soul contracts?

  • Would you like to live in joy, peace, abundance and happiness?

Then these cards have come to you to assist you in strengthening your connection with Divine Guidance

About the Card Descriptions

The Card Descriptions help you to

  • Receive the wisdom of Lemuria: abundance, compassion and gentleness.

  • Learn about the Lemurian healing template, and how it is coming back for the New Earth

  • Connect with your Cosmic Origin

  • Learn about New Earth Children, both from a 'parent' and an 'inner aspect' point of view.

  • Activate your DNA through encodements in the texts

  • Connect with the loving guidance of your light family: angelic, ascended, elemental and cosmic.

  • Learn about your cosmic family and how they are helping humanity - Pleiadians, Sirians and Arcturians, and more.

  • Open to Abundance, Joy and the Flow of Love

  • Understanding Light Language

  • Find Inner Wholeness

Depending on your membership, the following is available to you:

  • Free membership: Card preview with shortened description.

  • Paid membership: Full card page with description.


The card descriptions are equivalent to 300 pages of the physical book!

Divine Effects

The cards are designed to lift you up into a beautiful presence from which you naturally start to manifest your dreams for Heaven on the New Earth. You are channeling Divine Energy and you are in Divine Flow.

The art is inspired on Lemurian, Pleiadian and Angelic energies, and also has Light Language. The Light Language brings in cosmic codes for ascension which you can receive in your DNA to increase your vibration. In this way the cards open up a connection through which your Light Family and your Higher Levels can speak to you.

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With all our memberships you get full access to our high-vibrational app.

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You can choose between a vertical stack (scroll between the cards) or a horizontal stack (swipe between the cards)

Types of Membership

With the free membership you get

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With the paid membership you get everything in the free membership, and

  • All Attunements

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  • Expanded card search with keywords and browsing

  • Visual introductions on categories page.

  • Lemurian Starchild Layout for Inner Child Healing

  • On-line translations in 7 languages

The Attunements that you see on the front page of are a way to start dreaming of the New Earth, to bring it into manifestation. With the paid membership, you get access to any of the 88 Attunements. This allows you to be guided intuitively to the stack that is right for you, so you get the right inspiration for the day.

In addition to this, you also get on-line translations into 7 languages: Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese. (Use of machine translation). You can read these on the on-line card pages or when you draw a card in the on-line app on the website. You will automatically get the translation of your region and you can switch between the original text and the translation.