- Sacred Bond

- Healing Clears Space for Higher Energies

- Nurture with Gentle Music, Flowers and Crystals

- Healing the lower bodies clears space for Higher Energies

"The Pleiadians remind me of my Source vibration, the Cosmic Heart Source, to clear old energy and heal old wounds."

Pleiadian Beings of Light are reaching out to connect to us in a space of Love and Truth, to make themselves known again. Enter into their vibration to be lifted up to a higher reality, a dimension of peace and healing.

You have drawn this card because you are ready to be nurtured by the activation of your cosmic remembrance. You have the ability to access your akashic records so that you can remember your natural affinity with the Pleiadians from times before their information became suppressed....

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Rising to the Pleiadian Frequencies

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