- Telepathy

- Co-creation

- Communing

- Honoring

- Christ Consciousness

- Peaceful Shared Space

- Release judgment

- Opportunities for new ways of relating

- Healing relationship wounds

- Honor other AND self.

“Lemurian relationships are based on communion, not just with other people but with all of life.”

In Edenic Lemuria, it was normal to commune telepathically through a process of ‘coming alongside’ things, from crystals to an expanse of grass, or even a patch of mold. Lemurians see life as an equally shared experience, with countless opportunities to co-create following principles of beauty and harmony, and through co-operation, care and honoring.

Like in these Lemurian times, you are once again beginning to consciously connect with your loving Source and Oneness more and more, and as you raise...

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