- Dream for the New Earth

- Time now for a Magical Life

- Planetary Architects

- Light Family

- Amara

I receive the messages from the Sirians:

“We share our love through Sacred Geometry, guide you to Cosmic Circles and Inspire your Dreams for the New Earth.”

We are the Sirians. We are the divine architects of planet Earth, creating the bedding for the Lemurian energy to descend. You might recognize our energy, as it is the divine support that allowed the Lemurian human to come into form as if on a cushioned slide from the heavens towards the Earth.

Do you miss the harmony of pristine Lemuria, or the loving energy from your light family at times? Allow us to clear the mists from the human mind. The Sirian energy is always with you to bring in higher dimensional...

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Sirian Emissaries

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