- Right to Choose

- Immunity to Hooks

- Enlightened Solar plexus

- Choices

- Resolving shame issues

"New Earth Dragons are here to guide us in our personal and collective transformation.

They liberate my Solar Plexus by clearing out old paradigm energies, because I must leave heaviness behind to ascend. The Dragons lead me into Heaven on Earth by showing me how to be Sovereign in my energy."

The Gold Dragon, a symbol of the enlightened Solar Plexus, takes you on its back to show you a greater altitude. “Observe the density of the human mind and the emotions, isn’t it amazing how you can give yourself away when you’re in it? How could anyone really hurt your truth or your light, given that you are infinite? How could you be pulled into a tug of war with another ego, unless you see yourself as such?

Dear one, as a Lemurian Starchild, or as any child, you belong to the universe, and not...

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