- It’s O.K. to feel it all

- Cleanse

- Collapse of the Old

- Realignment

- Watch the storms in life

- Send it all love, light and acceptance – it will mellow.

“As I step back to watch the Storms, I see the power of change they bring and recognize that they too are a gift to help me Heal, Integrate and Shine!”

Storms and floods clear stuck mental and emotional patterns, to reveal the stillness that is underneath. In the eye of a hurricane, great peace is revealed, but it is hidden for those who fight the storm, or those who get stuck in a victim identity. Allow the elements to wash over you while you stay in your heart center, so that the purification reveals your True Self.

You have drawn this card because the storm clears the space for new opportunities in your life. Visualize yourself mastering this...

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