- Releasing old identities

- Magnificence Realized

- Unveiling your highest truth

- Source-self

- Lightbody

“When I release who I thought I was, I allow the true depths of my Divine Beingness to be revealed to me in each moment.”

“My Heart shines with joyful starlight.”

Lemurian Starchild, do you feel a weight of many identities, which are like cloaks you are wearing? Each time you release one of these “personas,” more of your True Self is revealed to you.

Some see these “cloaks” as sin, karma, ancestry or biology; all of them can be dropped freely now. There is no debt that needs to be repaid, because it is all forgiven in Ascension. However, to claim freedom from your past, you need to experience freedom as a core truth.

The message of this card is to see through...

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The Last Cloak

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