- Enlightened Masculine

- Potential

- New Earth

"The New Human is arising, and The New Man is a facet of this Human of Light.

As a woman, my relationship with the Masculine is changing. I allow my Inner Masculine to be nurtured and the New Man to be supported through the Divine Feminine, because a big leap is coming up for him. At times, he might need space to process intense emotions, because of old identities falling away.

As a man, this card signifies that I am bringing through this new energy. I might also mentor someone who is becoming this light for the New Earth."

Have you felt stuck in a society that clings to gender roles, politics, religion, and a linear way of thinking? As the New Human, you are enlightening this society, liberating your culture by example. Patience, compassion and trust are important in this process.

Discovering your Lemurian origin, you saw through the eyes of a new-born, starting the path of a spiritual awakening. What’s next after discovering your Source, how can you develop and integrate your realization? The awakened children of...

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The New Man

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