- Focus on the Light

- Right to See

- Resolving Issues of Illusion

- Pineal Activation

- Clear Seeing

- Insight

"I allow my eyes to see, my eyes of Truth. I am not that which I see, I am that by which I am able to see, which is aware consciousness."

The Vision of Unity heals inner battles, conflicts, and split perceptions. It shows that, even when we feel fragmented on Earth, our Source essence is always at one. Like a healing balm, this knowledge heals our wounds so that we can feel this Unity on Earth.

Have you been in two minds, doubtful or undecisive? Open your Heart to receive a vision of Unity, an insight that transcends the conflicts of the mind. This vision descends when we are not chasing answers so that we can truly be open to new...

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Vision of Unity

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