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* Copyright applies independent of watermark, © Leanne Carpenter & Michiel Kroon

** Available on the website only in the following languages: Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese. Use of maching translation

Mer Being

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 ✔️ See images and keywords

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✔️ Search card by keyword
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✔️ Automatically access the card translation of your region**

✔️ Lemurian Starchild Layout of 7 cards

✔️ Load/Save Layouts

✔️ Browse through all saved Layouts

 ✔️ Category Overview

 ✔️ Visual introduction of each category

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💌 Attunements: no time limit

Website & App: 88 Attunements

🙏 Stack size: 88 cards

 🙏 Full card description

✔️ Use app off-line

✔️ Shuffle your stack

 ✔️ See images and keywords

✔️ Remove watermark*

✔️ Full card description

 ✔️ Search card by name

✔️ Search card by keyword
 ✔️ See all cards in Lookup tool
✔️ Automatically access the card translation of your region**

✔️ Lemurian Starchild Layout of 7 cards

✔️ Load/Save Layouts

✔️ Browse through all saved Layouts

 ✔️ Category Overview

 ✔️ Visual introduction of each category



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7 Attunements

Access to our New Paradigm App

In the app you can see the stack of cards and swipe or scroll through them, just like you are using a physical deck! When you open a card you can see the art, and also click through to the description. This gives you an in-depth experience of each card you draw using only your phone, a tablet or a computer.

With all our memberships you get full access to our high-vibrational app.

  • You can use the app on-line on the main Attune page of Lemurianstarchild.art,

  • You can also install it on your phone, tablet or computer for on-line and off-line use. Click on App in the main menu to get started.

With our Dolphin or Mermaid Membership you get access to stacks of 88 cards and full card descriptions. You also get access to shuffling through a slider, so that you can shuffle your stack as many times as you want.

You can choose between a vertical stack (scroll between the cards) or a horizontal stack (swipe between the cards)

For off-line use you can now install the app to your home screen

  • In the app, open the golden menu 

  • Click on 💙 Add to Home screen 💙

    • On Android/Windows you will get a dialog to confirm​

    • On iPad/iPhone you will see a short video that shows you how to add to home screen.

You are now able to open any Attunement in the app on Android/Windows. When you open the app from the home screen, the last attunement will open.

Notifications (Android/Windows only):

  • In the app, open the golden menu 

  • Click on enable/disable notifications.

  • You will get a daily push notification with an Attunement.

Please note: the following features are only available through the on-line app on the website:

  • Translations

  • Lemurian Starchild Layout

These two features are not available for off-line use.

Use this button to shuffle the cards or switch between horizontal and vertical orientation

Installing the App

Get Full Access to Lemurianstarchild.art

With the free membership you get

  • The Arise Attunement on the Website

  • Limited access to the on-line app

  • Limited preview versions of the card

  • Limited card search and categories page

With the paid membership you get

  • All Attunements

  • Full access to the on-line app

  • Full Description and art of the card

  • Expanded card search with keywords and browsing

  • Visual Category Introductions.

  • Lemurian Starchild Layout for Inner Child Healing

  • On-line translations in 7 languages

The Attunements that you see on the front page of Lemurianstarchild.art are a way to start dreaming of the New Earth, to bring it into manifestation. With the paid membership, you get access to any of the 88 Attunements. This allows you to be guided intuitively to the stack that is right for you, so you get the right inspiration for the day.

In addition to this, you also get on-line translations into 7 languages: Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese. (Use of maching translation). You can read these on the on-line card pages or when you draw a card in the on-line app on the website. You will automatically get the translation of your region and you can switch between the original text and the translation.

❤️ opens the card

Our website and app allow you to release old energy from all your devices. The mental vibrations of mass media and distortions that are propagated on some social media keep you hooked into your solar plexus. Many apps and software are built on old paradigm beliefs and their influence can hold back your ascension.

Drawing a card from the Lemurian Starchild Oracle instantly raises your vibration and connects you with the New Paradigm of Light. This supports you in leaving behind old cycles in your own life; journeys and contracts that are no longer in alignment with who you are. Old beliefs in hardship, sacrifice, inadequacy, dependency, separation, and suffering are replaced with an experience of abundance, joy, clarity and connection with your light family. You are divinely guided to fully be the Creator on Earth that you are.

Draw Unlimited Cards,

Raise your Vibration

Use technology in service of the New Paradigm of Light

Co-created with Light Family

The Lemurian Starchild Oracle helps you connect with your guides from any and all light-realms. It was created with assistance from Leanne's Lemurian guides, Michiel's Pleiadian guides, Archangel Michael and many others.

Inner Child Healing

Drawing a card also helps to heal and connect with your Inner Child. The following cards:

  • Blue Ray,

  • Baby Dolphin,

  • Indigo,

  • Earth Angel,

  • Rainbow Child and

  • Star Children

each represent unique challenges and Divine opportunities that you can connect with on your healing journey.

Divine Effects

The cards are designed to lift you up into a beautiful presence from which you naturally start to manifest your dreams for Heaven on the New Earth. You are channeling Divine Energy and you are in Divine Flow.

The art is inspired on Lemurian, Pleiadian and Angelic energies, and also has Light Language. The Light Language brings in cosmic codes for ascension which you can receive in your DNA to increase your vibration. In this way the cards open up a connection through which your Light Family and your Higher Levels can speak to you.

For the paid option, the watermarks will be removed from the art. If the watermark pops up on a card page, simply click on log in to remove it. (note: copyright applies regardless, © Leanne Carpenter & Michiel Kroon)

The card descriptions are equivalent to 300 pages of the physical book!

Receive the wisdom of the oracle texts

The Card Descriptions that you get with the membership are full of multidimensional information. They help you to

  • Receive the wisdom of Lemuria: abundance, compassion and gentleness.

  • Learn about the Lemurian healing template, and how it is coming back for the New Earth

  • Connect with your Cosmic Origin

  • Learn about New Earth Children, both from a 'parent' and an 'inner aspect' point of view.

  • Activate your DNA through encodements in the texts

  • Connect with the loving guidance of your light family: angelic, ascended, elemental and cosmic.

  • Learn about your cosmic family and how they are helping humanity - Pleiadians, Sirians and Arcturians, and more.

  • Open to Abundance, Joy and the Flow of Love

  • Understanding Light Language

  • Find Inner Wholeness

Depending on your membership, the following is available to you:

  • Free membership: Card preview with shortened description.

  • Paid membership: Full card page with description.

To look for a particular card, click on Card Search in the main website menu​.

  • Free membership: search by name only and get relevant pictures and keywords in search results.

  • Paid membership: search by name, keyword or browse through all the cards with pictures.

Click Categories in the main menu to see a list of cards in their categories

  • Categories link in the website menu

    • Free membership: Access the categories page with card links

    • Paid membership: everything in the free membership, plus visual introductions to the categories. This gives clarity about the meaning and place of each card within the deck, and reveals the bigger picture.

When drawing a card, click on the book symbol to read the card description. You can start drawing cards by choosing an Attunement on the Attune page or in the App

Card description on website

"Leanne and Michiel jointly brought through the energies and insights of the Lemurian Starchild Oracle, expressing them in words, art and light-language. This Divine cocreation was made possible through their own dedicated spiritual healing and devotional paths. Both had spiritual awakenings in their late teens and began meditating, healing and clearing their energy fields as a result. Their paths led both to develop a depth of insight and awareness that occasioned a series of 'synchronistic' meetings resulting in a powerful connection, that coincided with the amazing possibility of travelling together to sacred sites around Europe in a camper van. It was here that the joint messages and art began to emerge."

We are Michiel Kroon and Leanne Carpenter, and we have created this deck during a healing journey of 3 years. During this path of Creation, each card was like a medicine for an issue that we were processing on our own healing journey. And this also builds on two lifetimes of spiritual and healing journeys, plus Leanne's insights as a clinical psychologist and Michiel's wisdom from his study in Applies Physics.

Meet the Creators

Free Membership, Mer Being or Dolphin


  • Great if you just want to try it out, but don't want the full immersive experience.

Paid: 🧜‍♀️ or 🐬

  • Ideal to go deeper and receive the full activations to support you on your healing journey.

  • Shuffle and swipe through 88 cards, just like you have the deck in your hands

  • In-depth descriptions that take you into the Lemurian Energy. This helps you to connect to your Heart and manifest your dreams for the New Earth.

  • Affirmations and Meditations in the card texts help you to attune to the energies of the individual cards to receive their full activation.

  • 7 card layout to do a live 'Lemurian Starchild Reading', which allows you to connect deeply with your Inner Child, release trauma's, and step into all aspects of New Earth Energies.

  • Automatic translations of cards in 7 languages on the website.

Who is this for?

Lemurianstarchild.art is a space is for Divine Creators, and dwellers in Divine Peace and Bliss. This is your True Nature and Natural State, who you are on the New 🌎

If you remember who you are on the deepest level, or you would like to remember, then you are in the right space on Lemurianstarchild.art.

Using the cards can help to remember the path back to your Heart, especially if you feel affected or overwhelmed by old paradigm energies.

  • Do you struggle with cycles of suffering or drama?

  • Are you open to letting go of old beliefs and soul contracts?

  • Would you like to live in joy, peace, abundance and happiness?

Then these cards have come to you to assist you in strengthening your connection with Divine Guidance

  • On your phone, tablet or computer - without needing to have the physical Lemurian Starchild Oracle Deck!

  • You can also use App off-line.

Draw high-vibrational cards wherever you are

Draw Cards on your Mobile

Go In-depth with the categories

Through the categories page you can see the categories at a glance, and go in-depth by accessing

  • a link to the art and description of each card in that category

  • a visual introduction and description

A category symbol is also at the bottom of each card, and the cards are color coded by category.

Each of the 10 categories has unique topics that can support your journey,

  • ​Arise, Lemurian Starchild

    • Rising above ​the mental/emotional density

    • Remembering your Lemurian Origin

    • Ascending beyond the 3D paradigm

    • Seeing your True Nature beyond all illusion

  • Source​​​​

    • Connect to the Cosmic Heart, the source of all inspiration and healing.​

  • Unity​

    • Be one with all, and share space without losing your unique expression​

  • Journey​

    • Divine Support for walking your path of light allows it to unfold before you.​

  • Depth​

    • Helpful energies of the Oracle guide you through the initiations on your path, so you feel confident within the Fire of Transformation​

  • Structure​

    • Divine Encouragement to bring your unique expression to the New Earth.​

  • Wisdom​

    • This category assist you in connecting with the wisdom of your own heart by offering deep meditative journeys.​

  • Cosmic Insight​

    • Inspiration from your cosmic brothers and sisters​ comes through in the text and art

  • Children of Lemuria​

    • Connect with New Earth Children within and without to find and strengthen your spark of joy​

  • Dolphin Codes

    • Use these cards to guide you with the integration of Divine Energies you receive.​

Playing with the Attunements

When you choose a card as an Attunement, the stack will be sorted for you in a particular order. This allows you to interact with the Deck in a unique way.

By working with the Attunements, you get a sense of the rhythms of the Universe, and the Divine Order that is within them. The card that you draw, and the order that you get, are relevant in that moment.


You can get synchronicities when playing with the cards and this gives you a sense of the Divine Grace that is always at work in your life. The experiences with the Oracle Cards help you to tune into this, and also see it in everyday life situations. This helps to shift your vision and receive more Divine Energy, Love and Light in your life.

The cards bring in your Light Family in a unique way, from Elemental to Cosmic beings. The inspire you to connect with the unseen, and then start to see it. Angelic beings are always at your side, and want to connect with you more. Lemurian and Pleiadian connections are very much available when you use the Oracle.

More and more synchronicities can show themselves to you, and deeper of layers of the Lemurian Starchild Oracle can be revealed to you. It is a tool to connect to your own Heart which is now available digitally through Lemurianstarchild.art.

The attunements are based on to the natural rhythms of the Universe evolve over time; the Arise Attunement now has evolved from the one last week. To get the full experience of this, we recommend a paid option.

Through our Free Offer you get 7 free Attunements through e-mail, which each gives access to a stack of 7 cards. You can get regular e-mail updates which give you relevant Attunements for the day or week. These Attunements are time limited and only valid for a few days. With the Paid Option there is no time limit and you get stacks of 88 cards.

With the paid option you can the visual experience by accessing all of the 88 Attunements from the website. Simply click on one of the Attunements at the front page. You don't need to analyse your choice altough you can if you want to. Clicking on an attunement brings you to the app, where you can play with a stack of cards.

Heal your Inner Child

Connect to the energy of New Earth children to bring the energies of love and healing to your Inner Child, and to help those who are starting their incarnation. Each of the 7 cards in the picture above has a unique signature energy that you can connect with. Through this wonderful connection, you start to receive love and healing for those aspects within yourself. Whether is

  • the Divine Light of the Blue Ray Being,

  • the playful and timeless flow of the Dolphin Baby,

  • the powerful visions of the Indigo Child,

  • the Sensitivity of the Earth Angel,

  • the high-vibrational enthusiasm of the Rainbow Child,

  • the pure frequency of the Crystal Child,

  • or the Galactic Connections from the Star Children.

Each of these aspects within you has a path of love, growth and healing and connecting to them helps you with your New Earth Expression.


In this on-line reading which is available on the website, you draw a card for each of the 7 Children of Lemuria. You do this through putting a card on top of each of the 7 corresponding cards in the Layout. In this way you make new connections for each of these child aspects.

Because this is an on-line, you don't have to sort the cards for the layout and you can start immediately. You can also draw the Children of Lemuria cards. even though they are already in Layout. In this way, you can get Master Combinations, two of the same cards on top of each other. This means that the energy of that particular child aspect is amplified, similar to a master number.

7 new Cards are placed on top of the 7 Children of Lemuria Cards to bring Divine Love to each of the aspects.

🔍 Look-up tool included!

  • Search cards by name or keyword

  • Try it for free by becoming a website member.

  • Translations are available depending on your region.

    • Spanish

    • Portuguese

    • French

    • Italian

    • Russian

    • Japanese

    • Simplified Chinese

  • Switch between translation and original text

  • Read the full text with a Paid Membership

All Art, Text, Media, Website Design and Customized Code are copyrighted material over which we have economic and moral rights.
(c) 2020 Leanne Ta'Iki Anawa & Michiel Kroon (the creators)

Published by Light Language Messages, a dutch trade name, (no. 71466282)

By using this site you agree to the following

- This website is for artistic purposes only, and all content is a purely artistic expression.
- Nothing in the content should be taken as fact, opinion or advice.
- Drawing a card is experiential art only and cannot predict the future in any way
- Even though the creators and publisher double checked all the content, they cannot rule out unintended mistakes within it.
- The creators and publisher shall not be responsible for any losses and/or damages due to the usage of this website or its content.
- This website allows for user comments. The creators and publisher are not responsible for views expressed by users, or the accuracy of their information. The publisher may delete or restrict specific comments.
(content means all text, images and videos on this website)

- Based on the Lemurian Starchild Oracle, Lemurian Egg Publishing 2019
- The Lemurian Starchild Oracle is not a tarot deck.
- The usage is not the same as, nor similar to, tarot.

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