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The Lemurian Starchild Oracle is a wonderful tool to connect to your Inner Child, and a doorway to your Heart. The collective human mind undervalues gentleness, compassion and unconditional love, yet this is what humanity needs as this point. Can you disconnect from mental judgments of self or other, step back from harshness and slow down the speed that leads to a lack of true attention and presence? Would you like to open up to something much bigger?

The 88 Cards and Descriptions from the Lemurian Starchild Oracle support a deep connection with the Divine Feminine, the unconditional Divine Embrace that helps you heal your wounds. The conditioned harshness and competitiveness do not suffice for this journey within. You are invited by the Divine to embark on a deeper journey to your Heart, beyond all mind identifications.

These cards are for those who like to jump into the unknown, well, unknown by the mind but known by the Heart! Therefore these cards have nothing to do with fortune telling or tarot. You expand your conscious knowing of your true vibration and light. In this process you might feel a deep recognition of the Lemurian Energy, a healing template of oneness. Lemurian energy helps you connect with your pristine innocence, from which you see the world without mental projections and memories. Isn't that amazing?

To access this energy, you connect with an aspect of your Truth and birthright through a card. For example Abundance, the Cosmic Heart Source, or Flow. You also connect with your guides, whether they are Dolphin, Angels or Cosmic Beings. The cards have descriptions with meditations and affirmations that assist in this process.

The Free Arise Attunement takes you to page with a stack of 7 cards, from which you can pick one. There are 88 Attunements in total - the same amount as cards in the deck. Attunements are Divine ways to order the cards, in alignment with the movements of the galaxy. With a paid membership you can experience all 88 cards and Attunements.

With a free membership you can try 7 of the attunements, a gift which you will receive by e-mail. You can also see the keywords and a limited part of the description with each card. Auto translations are available in 7 languages. And with the paid membership you can also do the Lemurian Starchild Layout which gives you in-depth insight in 7 aspects of your Healing Process.

We wish you much joy with our Oracle, and hope it assists you on your healing journey which leads you to your full New Earth existence. In each step of the way you are already whole, and you are bringing that awareness down to Earth.

With much Love and Blessings,

Michiel and Leanne

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